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Environment Barometer

We are committed to the principles of fair trade and take special care of the environment. Professional employees work hard every day to produce the best results. We are aware of the importance of personal development and respect the balance between work and private life.

For this reason, we have been registered since June 2007 via the Stimular Foundation for the Environment Barometer. The Stimular Foundation works with many partners to promote the Environment Barometer towards SMEs and similar organisations. The Environment Barometer is an environmental monitoring system that makes it possible to define the environmental score and costs of our company in a simple and rapid way.

We fill in our details about energy, water, waste and where applicable transport and paper usage. This enables us to immediately see which environmental aspects, such as energy, waste or paper usage, contribute the most to the total environmental score and costs of the company. As such, we can focus on specific priorities when taking environmental measures and reducing costs. In addition, it facilitates communications about our environmental performance, internally with employees as well as externally with for example the environmental services. Click here for more information about sustainable entrepreneurship at OFC or visit www.milieubarometer.nl

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