Pure Organic Tastes

Drying biologically cultivated vegetables, herbs and spices is no longer a question of intuition. A natural drying process and excellent storage facilities are used in accordance with HACCP standards and guidelines, and this is our guarantee for maintaining fragrance, colour and flavour.
From crops to store shelves, we are committed to consistent and high-quality end products. To achieve this, we are active around the world. Our contact with growers starts in the fields. These growers are biologically (and sometimes dynamically) certified in the country of origin, and meet the statutory requirements in their sector. In addition, the growers receive intensive support from one of our crop supervisors. In addition, our products are subject to quality checks in all phases of the production process, including storage, processing and packaging.
Organic Flavour Company meets the standards and guidelines of Demeter and EKO inspection institutes. Organic Flavour Company has also received international certification according to the EU guidelines for biological products.
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