Pure Organic Tastes

Consumer Trends

Organic Flavour Company is a market-driven organisation that strives to meet the demands of the latest consumer trends. This is key to new projects as well as existing product groups. We make every effort to enhance trends through our own vision and to maximise the benefits of new or existing products.

Some of the trends that we currently think are very important :

  • Life in the country: new farms focus more on fun, reflection and contact with the countryside.
  • Better food: more people are suffering from overweight. This is the reason why more attention is paid to better food and more exercise.
  • Fit and Vital: sports now focus on improving health and restoring the balance between body and mind.
  • Inspect your brand: the number of certifications has increased substantially.
  • Living outdoors: people create a cocoon indoors and expand this outdoors.
  • Volunteer work: volunteer work is very popular at the moment.
  • Design: food design is becoming increasingly popular.

These trends are in the back of our mind when we think about a new product. You could say that because people make a cocoon, they also want to spoil themselves. The feeling of luxury. Our deluxe range of loose tea answers this need. In addition, the perception is equally important in the case of deluxe loose tea and these products also falls in the better food category.

Within our organisation, we are also committed to environment-friendly packaging. People who buy biological products want delicious food which is healthy but they are also concerned with the environment. We recently started with environment-friendly packaging for our (herbal) tea. This means : we use compostable foil that can be disposed of in the green container. This special foil is manufactured from so-called bioplastics. These are plastics which are produced in a sustainable manner from natural products such as sugar, starch and corn. Because these raw materials can be harvested every year, using them results in a considerable saving of fossil resources.


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